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We're for EVERYONE!

SL-Reset brings an innovative approach to wellbeing, delivering holistic solutions  through online platform that incorporates yoga, pilates, and various body movements.


Supported by a seasoned team of Allied Health Professionals and psychologists, we give clear instructions for you to workout safely at home (including sessions for rest), and nurture everyone in your community to reset their bodies, minds, and lives!

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Tailored Online Exercises

No fitness models, no nonsense, no exploiting insecurities.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced learner, and whatever your exercise ability looks like, we have something for you and your mates. Choose what feels good for you, and each day that will look a little different.

If you are a senior, look out for our SL-Reset PLUS range. These classes are designed specifically for  over 55's, but they are available for anyone to use. You'll see these sessions marked with a "+" in our online platform.

Unlimited access

Regularly updating 

new content

Use it anywhere

Designed by Allied Health Professionals

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Reclaim control of your health, one healthy habit at a time!
We're for communities, young and old, great and small.

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