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Who can use SL-Reset?

SL-Reset is designed for EVERYBODY!

It doesn't matter what your exercise history is, how old you are, or what kind of ability you have, SL-Reset has something for everyone.


What's SL-Reset Plus?

SL-Reset PLUS is our program that's specifically designed for those who are 55+.

Whilst it's specifically designed with 55+ in mind, it's still perfectly fine for those who are not in that category to try them too, and similarly, our 55+ participants are welcome to use the non - PLUS range too.

(Videos marked with a "+" are part of this program.)


Who designs your programs?

We're glad you asked! All our movement programs are designed and overseen by Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Sports Scientists, and Physiotherapists, so you can rest assured they are safe, and effective.


What level is for me?

This depends on YOU!

You decide what your body needs, and go with that.


What do I need in order to participate?

All you need is yourself, an open mind, a bit of space without trip hazards and that's it. Bonus points if you bring a mate to join you!


How do I get SL-Reset for my team, or community?

We'd love to hear from you! SL-Reset is primarily designed for communities, and we have a special, top-secret approach for you.

Please get in touch to learn more!


Do I need medical clearance before using SL-Reset?

You know your body best. Always take the option that feels best for you, and exercise within your own limits. 
If in doubt, ask your health professionals about any injuries or concerns.

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